Japan Host Insurance

What is Japan Host Insurance?

Japan Host Insurance covers damages such as the liability of hosts incurred as a result of accidents occurring during the time of home-sharing at the listing where the hosts cause injury to others or damage the property of others, and the contractual liability of guests based on the Terms of Service (*1) incurred as a result of accidents occurring during the time of home-sharing where the guests damage the hosts’ property. In case where the guests’ liability is covered, the insurance coverage will apply only when the dispute between the host and the guests cannot be resolved among themselves and the host contacts Airbnb.

(*1) Terms of Service means the terms and conditions regarding the “Sharing Service” (*2) as stipulated by Airbnb.

(*2) Sharing service means a service of matching a service provider of a sharing business with a service user or operation substitute business.

Japan Host Insurance is an insurance program underwritten by Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

Hosts do not have to pay insurance premiums to have the benefit of the Japan Host Insurance program.

If any payment is made from the Japan Host Insurance, the owners or the lessors of the listing do not need to claim their own insurance. Please see the following information on the insurance coverage of the Japan Host Insurance.

Insurance period

This insurance period of the current insurance program is from July 10, 2019 to July 10, 2020.

Scope and conditions

Scope and conditions of applying for Japan Host Insurance

Japan Host Insurance coverage will be paid for guests’ liability arising from destruction of hosts’ property and hosts’ liability arising from the injury and destruction of the other or their property during the time of home-sharing at the listing.

  1. Accommodation facilities

Japan Host Insurance covers listing* that the host owns, uses or manages for the home-sharing business. (*) Listing means the facilities which has been approved under the Hotel Business Act, certified under the National Strategic Special Zones Act, notified under the Private Lodging Business Act, or other facilities in which similar accommodation business is conducted; provided however that all of the following requirements are satisfied:

  • The facilities are owned or rented by the host;
  • The facilities are listed on Airbnb’s website; and
  • The facilities are booked and used by a person who has consented to Airbnb’s Airbnb's service conditions and used Airbnb’s website. Accommodation facilities include mobile homes, buses, camping cars, treehouses, and other facilities that are parked and used as accommodation facilities. Boats and watercrafts are also included if they are used as accommodation facilities.
  1. Hosts

Hosts mean service providers that are registered in Airbnb's Sharing Service. Japan Host Insurance provides protection for hosts only in respect of Airbnb's Sharing Service.

  1. Guests

Guests mean service users that are registered in Airbnb's Sharing Service. Japan Host Insurance provides protection for guests only in respect of Airbnb's Sharing Service.

In cases where an accommodation facility is damaged due to an unexpected and sudden accident if the host repairs the accommodation facility at its own expense, based on the host’s legal liability against the lessor or liability arising from an agreement between the host and the lessor, the host will be reimbursed for the cost of repair paid to restore the accommodation facility to its previous condition before the damage.

Insurance coverage (conditions regarding liability)

Upper limit applicable during the insurance period is ¥100,000,000 JPY per accident. Regarding the contractual liability of guests based on the Terms of Service, even if guests do not make insurance claims, hosts can make insurance claims directly; provided, however, the amount of insurance claims which hosts can make directly shall be up to ¥5,000,000 JPY per accident.

Coverage exclusions

Main items that are not covered by Japan Host Insurance (general insurance clauses for general liability)

  • Liability based on hosts’ or guests’ deliberate act
  • War, foreign use of military force, revolution, insurrection, civil unrest, or armed rebellion
  • Liability for relatives in the same household as the hosts or guests
  • Bodily disability suffered by an employee of the host or guest while working for the host or guest
  • Liability caused by drainage or exhaust
  • Liabilities enhanced by a special agreement regarding damages between hosts/guests and others including the owners of the accommodation facilities
  • Nuclear risk, asbestos risk, pollution risk
  • Professional occupation risk
  • Liability arising from new construction, renovation, repair, and demolition of facilities
  • Liability arising from the ownership, operation, and maintenance of an aircraft, elevator or automobile, or ownership, operation, and maintenance of a watercraft or vehicle outside of a facility
  • Liability for goods or foods and beverages that are no longer in the possession of hosts or guests, or other properties that are no longer in the possession of hosts or guests and are outside the accommodation facilities
  • Liability arising from damage to materials to be supplied, etc.

Additional clause for Airbnb (coverage amendment clause for guests)

  • Liability arising from disabilities of another person (limited to the liability of a guest to a host)
  • Liability arising from damage to Excluded Property* (*) Excluded Property includes:
  1. Currency, money, precious metals in bullion form, notes or securities.
  2. Land, water or any other substance in or on land other than land improvements consisting of landscape gardening, roadways, and pavements, but not including any fill or land beneath such property, or water that is contained within any enclosed tank, piping system or any other processing equipment.
  3. Animals, including, but not limited to, livestock and pets.
  4. Standing timber or growing crops.
  5. Watercraft, aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. This watercraft exclusion does not apply with respect to any watercraft which is used as a listing.
  6. Vehicles. This exclusion does not apply with respect to any vehicle is used as an accommodation facility.
  7. Underground mines or mine shafts or any property within such mines or shafts.
  8. Dams, dikes, and levees
  9. Property in transit
  10. Transmission and distribution lines beyond 305m of the accommodation facility.
  11. Any damage to any property that is not in, at, or on an accommodation facility.
  12. Real property owned by a party other than hosts and that the hosts do not manage.
  • Liability arising from damage to property after the expiration of the booking period
  • Liability arising from terrorism
  • Liability arising from actual or threatened malicious use of poisonous biological or chemical materials

Additional clause for Airbnb (contractual liability coverage clauses)

Among the amount of contractual liability that the guest bears under Airbnb’s Terms of Service due to the guest’s act of damaging host’s property during use of a listing of Airbnb, a portion of the amount that the guest has already paid to the host, etc.

Insurance claims

Notice of accident

If you notice an injury or property damage to a guest or a third party, please notify Airbnb immediately because insurance may be applicable. Likewise, if you become aware of damage to your property, please notify Airbnb when you and your guest aren’t able to come to an agreement for resolution of the case within 72 hours of first contacting your guest because insurance may be applicable.

Request for delivery of insurance policy

This Japan Host Insurance overview does not include all the terms of the insurance policy. To request a copy of the insurance policy, please contact Marsh Japan, Inc. and include your Airbnb account information.

Underwriting insurance company

  • Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. (lead underwriting insurance company)